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Das Trollface, auch Coolface, ist eines der bekanntesten Memes im Internet. Seine üblichen Kommentare sind „problem?“ und „u mad?“ (dt.: „Bist Du sauer?“). Trollface's proliferation was aided in no small part by the fact that his ridiculous grin is scientifically proven to induce intense levels of lulz in. [1] Das Trollface wurde seit seiner ersten Veröffentlichung im Jahre zu einem wahren Internetphänomen, es ist ein sogenanntes Meme. Dies sind meistens. Troll, Troll, Troll, Troll Ba The troll soon grabs the rope and halts the vehicle by grabbing the rope. Video The Bests Steamed Cosplay Compete Snacktaku Highlight Reel Podcast Review. No example for Troll Face. Meme DB Memes Episodes Forums Features KYM Blog Images Videos Extras! In anderen Projekten Commons. Here are the stories behind five of the most popular memes: If you put something online, you need to copyright it months prior… three months, at least. Happy Guy Walking Guy Herp Derp Horror Rage Guy Computer Guy Huh? From there, Doge went viral when it was covered by the Verge and submitted to Reddit, 4chan and Tumblr.

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Trollface Quest We are working to restore service. Registering trollface has been reliably profitable for Ramirez. After that it becomes increasingly difficult to make any copyright claim. No example for Troll Face.. No, use this for shoops. September veröffentlichten, Internet-Trolle thematisierenden Comic des deviantART -Users Whynne verwandt. Ramirez wants Nintendo to hand over email correspondence with Ninja Pig Studios to answer some pretty key questions. Republicans can do it. After an epic battle upon the back of Ernest's pickup truck the troll is frittöse off the truck by Ernest's awesome rope which he threw at him in self defense. Trollface has become a commonplace response to anyone See also: Updated Jun 23, at Recent from Patrick Klepek 10 Definitely not my best work. Personal tools Create account Log in. You Win This Time!

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After which Ernest yells to his dog to put the truck in reverse. On July 16th, , a screenshot of an email sent to an undisclosed recipient from a man named Carlos Ramirez claiming to be Whynne was posted to Reddit. In der Trollphysik werden verschiedene pseudowissenschaftliche Experimente und Basteleien gezeigt, die üblicherweise nicht funktionieren können. Memes , Rage Comics , Trolling , and 4 more Image Macros Meme Generator Images 's memes Popular Memes. Trollface has become a commonplace response to anyone See also: